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John Allen

Illegal Migration, Identity Security and Enforcement, Immigration & Border Policy Directorate, Home Office, UK


Front line use of identity document validation systems across employers, businesses and public authorities

  • Why the Home Office supports the use of identity document validation systems;
  • The steps the Home Office is taking to promote the use of the technology and to support the industry;
  • How the industry and the Home Office can work together.

The need to check identity documentation is increasing across businesses and public authorities. This is to meet legal obligations, such as checking whether a person has a right to work in the UK, reducing the risk of fraud, or to protect the reputation of the organisation. The different types of documents that can be used in the UK to help establish the holder’s identity makes it a huge challenge for those required to check documents, especially for those who do not have the skills needed to spot fraudulent documents. The use of Identity Document Validation Systems can quickly and easily assist users to establish the authenticity of documents presented for identity verification purposes, such as passports, biometric residence permits and identity cards. They can play an important role in preventing the use of fraudulent documentation. The Home Office supports the use of this technology to help combat illegal migration, fraud, and other criminality where identity is used as an enabler.

John Allen joined the biometric programme within the former UK Border Agency in 2006 to develop the legislation needed to rollout the biometric residence permit (BRP), which is the document the UK issues to non-EEA nationals who are granted permission to stay in the UK beyond six months.

Having taken through the majority of the legislation, he became responsible for the wider biometric policy in respect of foreign nationals.

John also leads on some aspects of immigration document policy, including the use of identity document validation systems. He has already engaged with members of the industry and is seeking to strengthen those relationships further.

John holds a degree in Law.

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