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Renaud Laffont-Leenhardt

Travel Documents Solutions & Services Business Owner, Gemalto Government Programs, France

The Hinge: Where paper meets polycarbonate

This presentation focuses on an important passport component linking the polycarbonate data page and the booklet: the hinge. Attacks focus on cutting the hinge along the original data page, and then pasting a falsified data page or slicing the data page to replace personalized data with a forged one.
The criteria expected in a good hinge: flexiblity, durability and security, will be reviewed and each type of hinge attachment method, whether it is attached to the side of the data page (across the whole length or only through a small length) or if it is integrated inside the data page (as a layer of the structure) will be described. Finally, all the different methods according to those criteria, as well as their market adoption will be presented.

Speech bullet points
•    A hinge must be flexible, durable and features tamper evidence elements;
•    Hinges that are attached across the full length of the data page weaken the document and facilitate fraud;
•    Hinges that do not pass across the full length of the data page are more secure.


Renaud Laffont-Leenhardt is currently Business Owner in the Government business unit of Gemalto, where he oversees the travel document product range, including secure embedded software, booklets and issuance solutions.
A marketing professional with experience in a wide range of business fields, Renaud joined Gemalto over 20 years ago and has held various marketing-related positions, notably handling business development in Africa for secure electronic documents projects, civil registration and voter registration programmes.
Renaud is a graduate in Business Studies from Middlesex University London’s Business School and Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management

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