Speakers » Stephan Mentzel

Stephan Mentzel

Expert for Physical and Technical Document Examination, Federal Police Headquarters, Section 33, Germany

Latest trends in forged polycarbonate documents

(Government only session)

  • Latest trends;
  • Strengths and weaknesses of polycarbonate documents;
  • Challenges for humans and machines.

Most newly issued security documents are made from polycarbonate. With the change from paper-based documents to polycarbonate there is also a change for the forgers.

This presentation will show how the forgers have reacted to the change in document substrate and present the latest forgery trends.

In the field it is possible to see an evaluation of forgery. I will present this with selected examples and show the strengths and weaknesses of polycarbonate documents. What are the challenges for humans and machines to detect this?

Stephan Mentzel is an expert in the physical and technical examination of documents in the Forensic Laboratory of the Federal Police in Germany (Border Police). His work in one of the biggest document units has given Stephan a good overview of the document counterfeit trends and also the forgers and their fakes.

Stephan has been working for the Federal Police since 2006 in a number of positions and has been a document expert since 2013 as a document expert.

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