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Silvia Kolligs-Tuffery

Policy Officer, Visa and Document Security Unit, Directorate for Migration and Mobility and Innovation, DG General Migration and Home Affairs, European Commission


Fight against document fraud – The Commission action plan


  • A holistic approach to fighting document fraud;
  • Actions for Member States and EU institutions;
  • Report on results for the first quarter 2018

As fraudulent documents are used more and more as a crime enabler, the EU Commission adopted an Action Plan identifying concrete measures for Member States and EU institutions. They encompass the lifecycle of documents, from registration, document production and issuing to document control. It also looks at the external component of registration and document control. A progress report on the Action Plan is due for the first quarter 2018.


The Knowledge Theatre: Working together against document fraud-an EU perspective!

•    The document lifecycle-shared competencies: EU vs Member States
•    The new Schengen visa and the EU residence permit for third country nationals
•    The Commission Action Plan against document fraud
•    Working together against a global threat


Since 1997, Mrs Kolligs-Tuffery has worked as a policy officer in the Visa and Document Security Unit of the Directorate for Migration and Mobility and Innovation in the Directorate General Migration and Home Affairs at the European Commission. Her main task is to define, implement and co-ordinate policy, legislative and operational developments regarding document security policy.

Mrs Kolligs-Tuffery is also the Secretariat/Chair of the committee created by Article 6 of Regulation (EC) 1683/95 on a uniform format for visas. This committee is chaired by the Commission and comprises experts from Member States. It is responsible for developing technical specifications for the uniform format for visas, residence permits for third-country nationals, passports and other travel documents issued by Member States.

Mrs Kolligs-Tuffery also ensures the representation of the Commission at other international institutions such as ICAO (NTWG and TAG).

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