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Maickel van Oijen

Supervisor, Keesing Document Helpdesk, Keesing Technologies, The Netherlands

Spotted: Latest trends in ID document fraud

With a total of almost 1.6 million ID checks by over 9,000 individual users in 12 countries in 2016, AuthentiScan – Keesing’s automated ID document authentication solution – has become a valuable source for identifying and forecasting developments in document forgery and fraud.
Keesing has devoted 2017 to researching the millions of ID documents checked by– AuthentiScan – this year. Each ID document has been subjected to an in-depth analysis.
SDW 2017 will be the first platform where the preliminary results of this research will be presented.
Keesing will give you a sneak preview into the numbers and types of forgeries used nowadays, trends in document fraud, and regions and branches that suffer from identity fraud.
•    Numbers and types of forgeries;
•    Trends in document fraud;
•    Regions and branches that suffer from identity fraud.


The Knowledge Theatre: Trends in basic and additional security features

•    20 years of evolution in ID documents
•    What will the future bring us?


Maickel van Oijen works as a Supervisor Document Helpdesk/Document Expert at Keesing Technologies. Maickel has accumulated extensive knowledge of ID documents. He is an expert in the field of ID document authentication. For the past 19 years, he has worked in government positions at the Dutch Immigration Office and the Forgery Department at Schiphol Airport.
Maickel has also worked as an International Document Trainer at the Expertise Centre Identity Fraud and Documents (ECID), sharing his knowledge by providing ID Document Authentication training for, among others, embassies, consulates, airlines, security agencies, immigration offices and police departments all over the globe. Maickel is now also one of the trainers of the Keesing ID Academy.


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