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Carl Otto Künnecke

CEO, Otto Künnecke, Germany

Views from the Top

A prominent highlight of SDW for the past few years has been the panel: Views from the Top. The session brings together senior leaders from organisations operating across the document security and identity management arena to share their views from the top of their respective organisations. Returning to the conference stage in 2017, Views from the Top will offer key insights into the challenges and opportunities that are driving change, affecting the market and shaping the future of the industry. The SDW 2017 Views from the Top panel offers a powerful and rare opportunity to hear, first hand, the leadership’s thinking by examining the wider strategic context and considering the longer-term view of the design, development and wide-scale use of government-issued identity documents.


Carl Otto Künnecke has been the General Manager of Otto Künnecke GmbH since 1991. The Otto Künnecke group started as a family-owned locksmith company more than 80 years ago, and has developed over the years into a global machine-building company. Otto Künnecke is the leading manufacturer of secure documents inspection, packaging and mailing systems for products including passports, cards, driver licenses and paper-based secure documents, as well as PIN letters. Up to the present, the company has been involved in more than 40 ID schemes worldwide. Last year, Otto Künnecke completed the takeover of the card and passport manufacturing machine business from Robert Buerkle.
Mr Kuennecke has a Masters’ degree in communication science, as well as a Masters’ degree in mechanics and technology. Mr Kuennecke is the owner of Otto Kuennecke Group.



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