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John Nelson

Commissioning Editor - Security Print, Smithers Pira UK

PANEL – Identity innovations: Plotting a course for the future

The identity industry continues to move forward at lightning pace, with new technologies promising to revolutionise the way that services are accessed and the way people transact – between each other, online, in commercial settings, and with public administrations.

This panel looks to the future. It will consider what identity innovations are likely to gain traction. It will ask what role secure government-issued credentials will play. And it will help identify the key trends that will enable identity industry stakeholders plot a course for the future.



John Nelson leads Smithers Pira’s market reports and consultancy team for security printing applications. This includes coordinating and producing a range of strategic market and technical studies both for the industry overall, and important segments, like banknote printing and personal ID. Smithers work in this area combines insightful qualitative analysis with extensive quantitative data research to give unique perspective on this dynamic industry.

John is also active in projects across the Smithers Pira portfolio of market intelligence and business consultancy sectors, including packaging and anti-counterfeiting technologies, digital printing, food contact compliance, plastics, rubber and tyres, bioplastics, and printed electronics.

Prior to this role John has worked as a business journalist covering a range of specialist technical business segments – including European and international compliance legislation for electrotechnical products, substance restrictions and the environment.

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