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Ian M Lancaster

Associate, Reconnaissance International, UK


The new ISO Tax Stamps Standard: The why and the what

  • The intent of the standard is to give best-practice guidance in order to raise the quality of all tax stamps to those of the best now issued;
  • This is to be more effective in combatting tax fraud and protecting the public;
  • Tax stamps can have additional functions, which add to their cost-efectiveness.

After a brief introduction to the international standards process and its current security committees, I will explain why a standard for tax stamps is required and then describe the content of the proposed standard. The rationale is to help tax authorities improve the quality of their stamps as a way to combat tax frauds, including smuggling and counterfeits, as well as protecting the public and increasing tax revenues. The standard – which is on course to be published in 2018 – therefore lays out the procedures that a tax authority should follow in specifying and procuring the most secure stamps. The standard explains and describes stamp construction, including the security features, pointing out the direct relationship between cost and the most-effective security, as well as recommending the use of a unique identifier on stamps. I will also elaborate on the informative annexes in the draft standard, which expand on the possible components and authentication features. I will conclude by asking whether there are other security documents for which ISO could usefully develop standards to complement those of IATA etc.



Ian M. Lancaster is co-founder and former Managing Director of Reconnaissance International Ltd, for which he is now an Associate. He originated Holography News® and was its editor from 1990 to 2015. He was also founder-editor of Authentication News™ and director of Reconnaissance’s anti-counterfeiting, product protection and holography conferences.

He is a member of the British Standards Institute’s Committee for Societal Security Management and is currently project leader for ISO 22382, a proposed ISO standard for tax stamps. He was a member of ISO’s 246 committee, which wrote ISO 12931 on performance criteria for authentication solutions, and also a member of the ISO committee that wrote ISO 14298 on management of security print and security foil production.

From 2014 Ian has been an expert assessor for the EU’s Horizon 2020 small and medium enterprise (SME) innovation fund and the fast-track to innovation fund. He is also a member of the Committee of Experts of the Chinese Secure Identification Union.

He has received the IHMA’s Award for Business Innovation, the Russian Optical Society’s Denisyuk Medal for services to holography and the Chinese Security Identification Union’s Blue Shield award for lifetime achievement.

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