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Andy Smith

Director, Government Services, SITA, UK

Entry/Exit: Stronger, smarter borders for a changing world

For many years, border security professionals have advocated the need to know exactly who and what is crossing the border. From an immigration perspective, this demands a system and set of capabilities to ‘count people in and count people out’ of a country. In 2016, after its initial proposal in 2013, the European Commission issued a legislative proposal for a package of measures known as ‘Smart Borders’, recommending the creation of a European Entry/Exit System and Registered Traveller Programme. Meanwhile, the USA has indicated its conviction to add an Exit capability to its border management processes.

Against this backdrop, this session adopts a global view and considers the latest policy developments, as well as the challenges and practical realities of establishing identity and improving border control effectiveness by recording the time and place of people crossing borders around the world. 

Andy Smith has been delivering IT and Telecommunications solutions to the aviation sector for 17 years. Joining SITA in 2007, Andy has focused on driving innovation and collaboration for airlines, airports and government bodies.

Since 2012 Andy has represented SITA's Government & Security solution business in the UK. In addition to promoting the effective use of passenger pre-clearance, risk assessment, border management and biometric solutions, Andy continues to champion the collaboration of all stakeholders within the air transport industry, with particular focus on the passenger experience. This has included representing the industry / SITA to national and international trade bodies and organisations.

Andy has a Bachelor of Science Degree from DeMontfort University (Leicester, UK) in Physics with Management Science.

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