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Marek Rejman-Greene

Senior Biometrics Adviser, Home Office, UK

Biometrics: Effective solutions, responsible use

Developments in biometric technologies and the widespread adoption of biometrics in travel documents and border-crossing procedures have transformed the document security industry. Decades of investment in research and development has made it exceptionally difficult to replicate and forge security features, driving a sharp decline in document fraud. The inclusion of biometrics not only further enhances document security, but also crucially establishes a unique, unbreakable link between the document and its legitimate holder. So, where do we go from here and what additional opportunities can be derived from biometrics? This session looks at the latest developments and sets the scene for how and where biometrics can deliver improvements to government, industry and the all-important end-user.


As Senior Biometrics Adviser at the Home Office, Marek Rejman-Greene provides advice and assurance on the application of new identification technologies for use by law enforcement, border authorities and, on occasion, for other government departments. His specific focus is on the development and deployment of recognition services that deliver measurable benefits to the customer across the complete lifecycle. Hence his interest in the impact of rapid advances in associated technologies, the need to enhance the capabilities of human operators and examiners, while responding to changing profiles of crime, societal attitudes and legal frameworks. Marek has been actively involved in the development of international standards since the formation of the ISO subcommittee SC37. Previously, Marek was a senior security consultant at BT’s Martlesham Heath facility.

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