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Marek Rejman-Greene

Consultant, Identity for Services, UK


Marek Rejman-Greene was the Senior Biometrics Adviser at the UK’s Home Office between June 2005 and January 2018, and for most of this time he led the identity team at the Centre for Applied Science and Technology. He continues to be actively involved in International Standards, in future ways of using identity such as blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology, and in the integration of legal, service and user contexts to optimise the application of novel technologies.

Although Marek’s interests cover all biometric modalities, he is currently involved in the design and development of automated facial recognition systems, alongside the use of selected, skilled and trained human examiners, thereby delivering value services to the customer. 

Previously (between 1991 and 2005), he served as a Senior Security Consultant at BT’s R&D facility at Martlesham Heath, managing projects as diverse as the introduction of PKI into the financial sector, security policy development, the deployment of secure knowledge management systems and tracking the future landscape for identity services. 




Opportunities for biometrics in government: Creating a customer-centric environment

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